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5th-Feb-2016 07:42 pm - icon colouring commissions (OPEN)
musharna: (→ when the blue bird flies away.)
Commissions are currently open.

1 icon = 1 USD or 10 DW points.
15 icons = 14 USD or 140 DW points.

Under the cut! )
26th-Oct-2016 01:12 pm - 78 yuri!!! on ice icons
musharna: (→ something entirely new.)
Made a bunch of icons of Yuuri Katsuki from Yuri!!! On Ice. I may make icons for Yurio and/or Victor eventually, who knows.

more like yaoi on ice )
5th-Feb-2016 08:54 pm - 450+ AAI2 icons
musharna: (→ awkward breloom.)
So I decided to make sprite icons for the AAI2 characters. I wasn't even going to make icons for some of these (because I don't care about Delicia or Elbird) but since I had already made almost 400 icons of everyone else I figured I might as well go for a full set.

These contain heavy spoilers so don't look under the cut if you haven't finished the game.

i am not kidding about the spoilers. )
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